The dates, subjects and speakers 

of up coming public talks. 
All talks are held from 10.30am-12 noon at the new venue; The Rain Building (map here)

Membership for full season of 8 talks £11 or £1.50p per talk. Visitors welcome.

Our talks for the coming season    

November 17th
Margaret Jackson will be telling us about her new book “Rotherham Wellgate: The Old packhorse route”

December 8th

Tim Brennan will be showing the various stages of the restoration of Boston Castle with his photographs.

January 19th

Penny Rea will be updating us on the position at Wincobank Hill regarding planning proposals and the importance of this historical site.

February 16th

Our joint meeting with SY Industrial History Society “Exploring the industrial archaeology of the Rother Valley” by Graham Hague

March 16th
Ian Trowell (National Fairgrounds Archive collections manager) will be speaking on  “A History of Rotherham Fairgrounds”



21st January 2012
- Graham Barnes’ talk on ‘Rotherham United Football Club post – 1945’ (2nd part)

18th February
- Joint meeting with the South Yorkshire Industrial History Society, featuring a talk by Mike Taylor on ‘the Sheffield and South Yorkshire navigation’

17th March

21st April
– Jim Beachill will talk about his book ‘The Terrible Yorkshire Pit Disaster; Cadeby Main Colliery’.

– Our AGM, featuring Tony Grice’s talk; ‘The History of the Feoffees in Rotherham’.

15th January  2011

“The Wapentake of Stafford and Tickhill” By Kenneth Elliff

19th February

"How the Walker Family Lived, Worked and Worshipped" by Graham Hague

19th March

“Discover South Yorkshire Churches” By Pat McLoughlin

16th April

“Wincobank Hill—The legacy” by Penny Rea

21st May

AGM - slideshow of Old Rotherham

17th September 2011

"Tackling Smallpox in London, Sheffield and the Rotherham area 18th - 20th century" By Tony Dodsworth

8th October

"From Deer Park to Diving Pool - The Story of a Prime Development Site" by Alice Rodgers

19th November

"South Yorkshire Railway Rambles" by Stephen Gay

10th December

"The Families of Clifton House" by Terry and Alicia Barber


17th April 10.30am
“The History of Rotherham United FC” by Graham Barnes

15th May 10.30am
AGM followed by “Elizabeth Parkin of Ravenfield Hall” By Lance Sanderson

8th September  2010 10.30 am

"Fellowship, Feasts and Finance: The History of Friendly Societies in Rotherham" by Paul Eyre

16th October 10.30 am

"The History of Aston Manor 1066 - 1928" by Ann Keys

20 November 10.30 am

"The Life of Earl Effingham and todays changes to Boston Castle" by Janet Worrall

11 December 10.30 am

"The History of Rotherham United Football Club 1945 - today" by Graham Barnes

 (2007 - 2009)

19th September 10.30am
“The Life of Thomas Rotherham” By Joyce Williams

17th October 10.30 am
“Round Rotherham – K’berworth, Masbro’, Holmes to Rotherham” By Graham Hague

21st November 10.30am
“The Two Roche Abbeys” By Alice Rodgers

12th December 10.30am
“The Implacable Dr. Shearman, R’ham’d 1st Medical Officer of Health” By David Hyland

16th January 10.30am
“The Early Medieval Lords of Sheffield” By Lloyd Powell

20th February 10.30am
“Wortley Top Forge” By Derek Bayliss (joint meeting SY Ind Society)

15th November
"Walking the Boundaries of Treeton” By Hedley Frost

13th December
“The Development of Greasbrough from 1700” By Tony Dodsworth

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